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Castella Wohndesign mdf Wohnzimmer

MDF Italia

MDF Italia is a Milan-based design company manufacturing furniture, which was fully acquired in 2013 by the holding group of the Cassina family, a long-standing leader in Italian design. MDF Italia was set up with a dynamic entrepreneurial and product strategy in mind and it has always focused on design and simplicity as core values in selecting projects and designers.

MDF Italia’s success is rooted in its ability to represent contemporary culture, sense and anticipate trends and respond to changes in taste as well as the modern requirements of home living. 

Differentiation becomes a competitive advantage and MDF Italia regards change as a new opportunity, consolidates its path based on the search for innovative design. The strong impact of the inherited products has led MDF Italia's team to read such heritage as a collection, as design driving products that can interact with different cultures and sensibilities.

Dipl.-Ing. Claudia Schimweg
Tel.: 0541 95717-59